Monday, July 26, 2010

First night

The production of Oklahoma!
Was a smash hit drawing
Five hundred eager spectators to the
Outdoor stage on the Civic Plaza
A cast of local residents having worked
Six months to mount the show were
Gratified that the threatened thunder storms
Held off until long after the final applause had
Echoed from the drug store wall.
Audience members sweltered happily
For three hours consuming large quantities
Of succulent barbeque and anonymous white wine
The girls on stage meanwhile twirled in homespun pinafores
Clacking character shoes on rough wood
While veering to avoid the old man
Gamely supporting the wall of Jud’s smokehouse
Flapping in the stiffening breeze.
There were no injuries and no emergencies
Only periodic sirens from the shiny fire trucks
High steppin’ from the central station
Brightly fringed surreys with their
Sidelights blinking in the Indiana night.

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