Sunday, March 27, 2011


I could not single out the day I knew
That Jamey wasn’t well. The eighties were
Our time of innocence. A teenager
Who didn’t come to school was simply too
Exhausted from a night with someone new,
Unbuttoned hormones raging, and the cure
Was simple as a long bath. We were sure
He would return as students always do.
But he had caught the new “slimming disease”
A strange affliction that was ravaging
The special boys like Jamey. Secretly
I wondered if this kid who liked to tease
Me had, beneath the subtle bantering,
Been dying to declare his love for me.


Judy Roney said...

Such a beautiful and poignant tribute to your friend.

Anonymous said...

Andrew, thank you for your eloquence and sensitivity. Of course you were right about the high school thing. Even today, everyone is so awkward about their feelings at that age, and kids are killing themselves when their Fundy parents tell them all gays are condemned, etc.

I'm in active outreach to ALL teens to let them know that no matter what is up, there is no sin in being who you are, no matter what pastors or parents say. As long as you live in love and don't destroy other people's lives, you are a work of art.

Amy BL