Monday, June 27, 2011

Blink of an eye

Hi, love. Sorry I missed your call – I know
It can get lonely at the hospital.
It will be great to have you home tonight.

I was out at Penney’s with our newborn
Buying him a birthday suit, extra long.
He looks so cute, you could just eat him up.

He’s been eating constantly, back to his
Birth weight, and then some. He does like ice cream,
Especially the stuff your mother brought us.

Nap times are good, he’s getting lots of sleep
But his days and nights are all turned around.
It must be from all that time in the womb.

Oh, and the driving instructor called us
She said there’s a spot for him next Friday,
Now that he’s learned to walk, and read, and shave.

When I asked the woman at United
If they would take care of him on the plane
There was an awkward pause, before she said

Sir, your son is sixteen – he’s an adult.
She’s right – he is the best of both of us.
And it happened in the blink of an eye.


Shannon Lockard said...

It certainly does seem to go by that fast. My oldest is 10, but when I look at her I see the baby I brought home from the hospital.
Wonderful! I like how you blended the then with the now.

Marie Elena said...

Oh my! Wait 'til your baby has a baby. Oy ...

Fun poem!

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem, Andrew. I like that: the best of both!!

Anne Mitchell

Nina B. Lanctot said...

Can it be! Thanks for a slice of your life, and Joe's. What a wonderful father you are!

Buddah Moskowitz said...

This appeared organic and effortless - and it was quite good.

Thanks Mosk