Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Some days I really fret about karma,
afraid that I have totally screwed up
my chance to bring peace to those around me.

I feel guilty for taking advantage
of your love for crunchy peanut butter,
and shame for the ways I schemed against you.

Each time I picture you, lying spread out
in the kitchen, stiff as a tiny board,
I wince, and hope it didn’t hurt too much.

Next time around the wheel, if you come back
as something bigger and fiercer than me,
please, please, know it was nothing personal.

To share with friends at the dVerse Poets Pub.


Brian Miller said...

ha...i hope the peanut butter does not haunt me...i mean i introduced it to chocolate...now that is love...

Pop-o said...

Whimsical, fun, and with the appropriate amount of contrition, well done.


Heaven said...

Nice...this gave me the chuckles ~

Happy day ~

Laurie Kolp said...

Enjoyed this, Andrew... I'm a smooth peanut butter lover.

Mary Mansfield said...

Very cute poem, Andrew. Lots of fun.

Sheila said...

Cute. I prefer mine smooth.

Bianca said...

This is quite entertaining! Very well done :)

Sharp Little Pencil said...

Andrew, nice bit of whimsy, and how often do we get a good joke about karma?

I'm a "smoothie" like most folks, and only use Welch's grape jelly on it. What a snob. Next time around, I'll come back as a restauranteur, held hostage by food critics!! Amy