Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How we got to Vegas

(a quatern)

Looking back on it, we might have
thought twice before bringing a kid
blessed with agoraphobia
thirteen hours to the Grand Canyon.

It just never occurred to us.
Looking back on it, we might have
noticed the first signs of distress
when he stopped in the parking lot

at the South Rim and turned around,
striding away from the view, not
looking back at it. We might have
forced him to stay, but why go there?

Nature’s overrated, I said.
Let’s go to Vegas. So we did.
Did we have the best time ever?
Looking back on it, we might have!


Brian Miller said...

funny how things turn out like that...and when we set out for a destination we have to be ready to change it...smiles. nice write...

hedgewitch said...

Acrophobia--fear of heights, or agoraphobia, fear of crowds--seems Vegas might be bad for either one unless you could find a first floor room on the outskirts of town. ;_) But a good parent never ruins a kid's vacation, either way, so you did the right thing.Having fun together is how you build healthy kids, and it doesn't hurt parents any either.

aprille said...

Never equated the outdoor Grand Canyon with a threat to agoraphobics. I would have expected them to struggle with the crowds in Vegas.
You did well to walk away. Nicely put.
Love the stones from the stream background image.

Andrew Kreider said...

Yeah, crazy about the agoraphobia - something about the huge open space with crowds of people. All a bit much. Needless to say, we didn't spend much time in the casinos at Vegas, but there ARE some quieter things to do, if you look hard enough :)

Buddah Moskowitz said...

Now that's a good dad! Yes, it's those unexpected, idiosyncratic things that make my love for my kids my love, and mine only.

Great poem, friend.