Friday, May 13, 2011


Thanks to Vivienne Blake for a great phrase "marvel at the miracle of the ordinary" over at Big Tent Poetry.  Here's my response - small beer, but then most of life is that way, eh?  Cheers.


Three blind mice orienteering through our A/C ducts
Squirrels plotting malice on the birdseed box
Graceful mold filigreeing the bathroom
Grass abounding it places it should not
Geometric patterns of unwashed laundry
The majesty of dishes rising from the sink
Long shadows cast by looming bills
The sonic boom of freshman saxophone
And sheer power of teenage deodorant
The flattened mass of a forgotten Twinkie
And pyramid of eraserless No. 2 pencils.
Rainbows filling the room from a hanging crystal
The tenderness of one loving look across the table.

Someday I will write a book,
Hopefully a funny one.  But for now
I walk outside and simply marvel
At the miracle of the ordinary.


Henry Clemmons said...

You turned that line into a great piec of art. I look forward to your book. And may we always marvel at the ordinary. You selected a great line.

Mr. Walker said...

Andrew, I like this lots. My boys are not teenagers yet; did you peek into my future? I enjoyed every line, but "Geometric patterns of unwashed laundry" is my favorite. Great job with Viv's line.


Andrew Kreider said...

Thanks, Henry and Richard. I'm enjoying the teenager stage, as long as I don't take myself too seriously! And yes, Vivienne's line is great.

barbara said...

I agree with mr w about the geometric laundry, but love those long vowels in the dishes.

Deb said...

Super use of a great line, and I like the over-the-top (even if real, which I am sure it is) attributes. And then, the sweet smile, and then studied last stanza, the internal voice carrying on.

vivinfrance said...

Thank you for giving my line a colourful new life. Your poem is funny, profound, real: I love it.

Andrew Kreider said...

Thanks, Vivienne - I loved your line!

Bluebell Books said...

live for now.
one step at a time.
brilliant thoughts.
well conveyed sentiments.


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