Sunday, May 22, 2011


Outside the administration building
Of the local high school is a signpost
Bearing two identical “One Way” signs.
One sign points due left, the other points right.

The first time I saw this it made me laugh
Because it so well expressed that vortex
Of high school life, where we stand and wonder
Which of the right answers we should follow.

But today, surrounded by caps and gowns,
This weathered sage turns valedictory:
You have the best of us now - choose wisely.
Once you leave here, there is no coming back.


barbara said...

I love that crazy signage: so much more accurate than logical. Those things are there every where you step, just disguised

( on the back roads around here, you still see what used to be more common: hand painted One Way arrows pointed toward the sky)

I like your lettuce poem at Bloomings

Bluebell Books said...

insightful thoughts.
regulations has two sides.
bless you.