Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twenty years

Whenever I see her
picture, or hear a friend
describe what she
is up to now, I can
still feel her holding me.

Whenever I see her
name in print, or I smell
the sweet perfume she wore
for me that spring, the lust
I felt still shakes my core.

Whenever I see her
in a dream I know that
my heart’s still open to
her summons, and she can
crawl inside me where- or

whenever. I see her
breath on my window, I
taste her salt. I left, yet
still after twenty years
these dry bones won’t forget.


Mary Mansfield said...

I think most of us have that special memory of the one who still owns us, no matter the time that has passed. Great poem! Especially like the last line "these dry bones won't forget."

Brian Miller said...

man, you engage all the senses...which is as it is...heart felt write...feel the missing and the longing..

Shashi said...

Hi Andrew
Looks like and feels like first love... those moments still haunts the loving heart forever... I loved the way you have treated this with your beautiful words...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
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ayala said...

This is beautiful!

poets rally said...

feel her holding me,

what a hot thought. well done passion.