Tuesday, December 20, 2011

La frutta *

(reading the paper placemat at Colombo’s)

Start at the heel of the boot,
at the sumptuously-named Lecce,
and run your finger around the graceful
toe, beaded with Sicilian heat.

Move slowly upwards, pausing at the knee
to genuflect at the Holy City, then on
to gaze in awe at the high-swept sinews
of the landscape leading up to Assisi.

Come around the thigh, taking time to
taste the savors of Bologna, Parma, Genoa,
circling over and round the graceful
inland swell of the northern provinces

and down, down again to glide
upon the glistening canals of
Venice, whispering softly as the
red wine disappears like a sunset.



Mary Mansfield said...

Wow, such a vivid picture you've created here. You made looking at a map quite sexy. So well done!

Brian Miller said...

oh there is a nice heat here and i dont think it is just the food.....smoking write...

Laurie Kolp said...

I'll never look at Italy quite the same again. Lovely, Andrew!

Anonymous said...

upon the glistening canals of

sounds like you've done this before, i'm jealous

Anonymous said...

Oh, this was a delightful combination of delicious, sensual, and lovely. But maybe a glistening canal is just a glistening canal? Or... (wink) Really sweet write, in the best way! Peace, Amy

Natasha Head said...

Smokin indeed! All senses engaged...

Bar None Publishing Group said...

I had the privilege of looking up Italy's skirt this summer. Six weeks I'll never forget. Bravo!